Tamah Wiegand

Tamah Wiegand served as a teacher and administrator at the Brearley School in New York, N.Y., an independent school for girls in K-12. She started as an assistant teacher in the fifth grade and 31 years later, retired as the head of the middle school. In between, she taught fifth-grade history and geography, sixth-grade English grammar, fifth- through seventh-grade English, and tenth-grade American history.

Since retiring, she has served as the vice president of the Gardiner Library Board of Trustees and has continued to tutor. She enjoys reading, gardening, and traveling, and has been especially fortunate to have traveled to every continent. For her, traveling is another classroom where she has learned to appreciate diverse cultures, while, at the same time, recognizing that we share the same basic values.

Ms. Wiegand graduated from Connecticut College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She lives in Gardiner with her husband, Warren.