Fitzarnaz Drummond '06

Fitzarnaz Drummond ’06 (treasurer), is executive manager at Westpac Group, an Australian bank and financial services provider, having previously spent more than a decade in investment banking corporate treasury roles. He was executive director in liquidity at Goldman Sachs’ London office as well as a director in treasury at Deutsche Bank.

Originally from Jamaica, Mr. Drummond graduated from SUNY New Paltz as class valedictorian with a B.S. in finance and management. He was a campus leader, serving as a resident hall assistant as well as president of the Residence Hall Student Association. He has since been recognized by SUNY New Paltz as one of the few alumni selected for their inaugural class of 40 Under Forty honorees. In 2020, Mr. Drummond was also honored as a School of Business Hall of Fame inductee. He currently lives in a suburb of Sydney with his wife Kerica and their two children.