Educational Studies & Leadership

Humanistic/Multicultural Education: Emphasis Areas

Program Goals:
Humanistic/Multicultural Education integrates intellectual/ cognitive and emotional/affective learning through an experiential and participatory process. Students increase self-knowledge and develop effective human relations and critical thinking skills. The program offers a self-reflective, process-oriented approach to diversity and issues of social justice. Students learn to work cooperatively with others to foster personal, institutional, and social change and promote more humane, democratic and inclusive classrooms, organizations, and communities.

Participants enrolled in the MPS will have the opportunity to develop skills in the following areas:

  • Heighten self-knowledge and personal awareness
  • Facilitate large and small group processes
  • Develop curriculum and program designs
  • Integrate cognitive and affective domains in teaching, learning, program planning, and staff development
  • Promote cooperative and inclusive groups
  • Provide leadership for innovation and change in educational and human service settings
  • Implement multicultural, gender-fair practices in their
    work settings and communities
  • Foster personal, institutional, and social change to promote diversity and social justice goals


 36 Credit Teacher Certification Emphasis
The program provides teachers with an intensive study of the pedagogical skills necessary for fostering classroom communities that meet the educational needs of diverse learners. Teachers graduate with knowledge and strategies to engage and challenge all students to reach their fullest potential - intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Teachers develop skills in evaluating curriculum and institutional practices to promote self-actualization, diversity and social justice:

  • multicultural, gender-fair education
  • cooperative learning
  • active learning
  • conflict resolution
  • curriculum development
  • group process
  • action research and reflective practice
  • teacher leadership for innovation and school change


30 Credit General Program
The flexible 30-Credit general program allows for the development of an individualized plan of study unique to varying professional goals by providing a wide variety of electives. The program can be tailored for persons working with special client groups in the human services, higher education and not-for-profits. By carefully selecting the 12 credits of electives students may develop a program emphasis in a specialized area.  K-12 elementary and secondary teachers with provisional certification seeking professional certification can obtain professional certification upon completing this program.