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Communities at New Paltz
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Communities at New Paltz

A transformative First-Year experience

Communities at New Paltz is a specifically designed Living/Learning community program for First-Year students. This program offers four distinct living experiences featuring specific inter-disciplinary themes: Leadership, Health & Wellness, Career Exploration, and Service Learning. First-Year students who choose to participate in one of these interest-based communities will connect with other students who share similar interests, while gaining an introduction to the larger SUNY New Paltz campus and the surrounding New Paltz community. Students will have a unique opportunity to learn, explore, and connect with others in the context of an engaging academic and residential community.

Communities at New Paltz offers a dynamic, enhanced college living experience. Our Community Mentors work with Residence Life staff within Esopus Hall to create a variety of programs that help build community and develop networks among fellow students. These events will provide you with exciting and valuable experiences that will positively impact your first year at SUNY New Paltz.

If you participate in Communities at New Paltz, you can expect:

  • Immersion in an engaging, interest-based Living/Learning experience
  • In-depth, valuable academic and co-curricular experiences within Leadership, Health & Wellness, or Service Learning
  • Specially designed events within your own Residence Hall focused on your community
  • Unique learning experiences outside of the classroom
  • Networking opportunities with SUNY New Paltz faculty and professional staff
  • Involvement with various SUNY New Paltz clubs and organizations