Office of Academic Advising

Faculty Advising Guide

The purpose of the Faculty Advising Guide is to serve as a resource for both new and experienced faculty advisors. The guide continues to be a work-in-progress, as we strive to maintain alignment between the College’s advising culture and the evolution of the field in response to the needs of today’s students.

Advising at New Paltz

Start here if you are new to advising at New Paltz. Understand roles and responsibilities of the OAA and the departmental advisors. Watch our advising video series based on conversations with Melinda Anderson, Ed.D., Board of Directors, NACADA, as part of the College’s Excellence in Academic Advising initiative.

Using Starfish for Advising

Starfish harnesses the power of communication and collaboration to bring the New Paltz community together and provide a personalized approach to student learning and student success. Watch our brief Starfish tutorials to see how the platform can streamline and enhance your communications with students – get started today!

Advising Resources for Faculty

A nuts and bolts assortment of topics and resources related to advising, policy, curriculum, and more.

Excellence in Academic Advising        

Excellence in Academic Advising (EAA) describes the 2-year comprehensive, standards-based strategic self-study to promote excellence in academic advising – a first of its kind nationally!

Holistic Advisement & Support

Resources to help you take a deeper dive into holistic advising methods.