Center for Student Success

Starfish for Students

Starfish connects students with faculty, staff, and the resources they need to be successful at SUNY New Paltz. 


Sign-On through or Blackboard.


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Getting Started in Starfish

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Getting Started in Starfish


The pop-out menu allows you to access the Portal’s features.

My Success Network: Your Success Network connects you with the people and resources on campus best equipped to help you succeed.  Your Success Network is personalized with your current instructors and advisors. Easily find their email addresses and office hours, and if they utilize on-line scheduling, make an appointment with them in Starfish.

The services section lists student resources available at New Paltz.  Services includes the hours, location, personnel and areas of expertise of each office.  If the office is utilizing kiosk, you can remotely check the wait time, even from the comfort of your own room.



Dashboard: Your dashboard lists your upcoming appointments and assignments.  The dashboard also includes any flags, referrals, or kudos you’ve received from faculty and staff.

Plans: A Student Success Plan is a step-by-step, individualized action-plan developed with your advisor to help you achieve success.  The Success Plan is saved on your Portal page so you can check in to see which items you’ve completed and what you next steps are.

Courses: The Portal draws directly from Blackboard, allowing you to keep track of your progress in each class, all in one easy-to-view page.

Raise Your Hand: The raise your hand feature allows you to ask for help whenever you feel stuck.  When you raise your hand in the Portal rest assured that you will be connected with those who can help.


Notifications in Starfish give you seamless communication with your support team.

Referrals: You may receive a referral from a faculty or staff member with the contact information for a campus resource.  The referral may also reach out to you to see if you need assistance.

Kudos: Faculty or staff raise a kudos to acknowledge you for a job well done.  Got kudos? Let the world know with the hashtag #NPthrive

Flags: Flags are used by faculty or staff if they have a concern about your academic performance.  Flags alert you to concerns so you can be connected to timely coaching support.

Flag Procedure