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Office of Undergraduate Admission
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Group Visit Policies


Groups must make reservations with the Office of Undergraduate Admission in order to visit the campus. If reservations are not made and the group does not receive confirmation, the group will not be accommodated.


Per New York State Law, 1 Chaperone for every 10 students is a requirement. SUNY New Paltz also requires 1 additional chaperone. If the appropriate number of chaperones are not present at the time of the visit, the group will not go out on tour. Chaperones are expected to provide structure and discipline when needed so the presenters may provide the students the information about the campus that is pertinent to their visit. It is not the responsibility of the Student Ambassadors to discipline your students. If behavior becomes an issue when on tour, your group will be escorted back to your bus before the conclusion of your visit.


Visitors are expected to be well behaved and respect campus property and the presenters they will be interacting with. Visitors will be entering various campus facilities where students, faculty and staff will be carrying out their daily activities. It is important that visitors respect the property of students and the areas they will be visiting as our students consider the campus an extension of their home. Students will be escorted back to their bus before the conclusion of their tour if this policy is not adhered to. In addition your school will not be allowed to visit the campus the following year.


The date of the tour and the itinerary of the day cannot be altered. There are multiple presenters and the presentation space that needs to be scheduled in advance. The day will begin at 10:15 a.m. and conclude at approximately 1:00 p.m.

If a group is running late because of unforeseen circumstances we will do our best to accommodate the group in the manner in which we see fit.  Please note that if a group is running more than one hour and fifteen minutes late we will not be able to honor the group on our campus that day.

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