So did you know you always wanted to do accounting, or business generally?

No, I was actually a media and communications major, that’s how I started. They’re sort of related, from communications I went into marketing. But from marketing I actually went to accounting.


How does the business analytics program relate to your goals and what you’re thinking about for a professional career?

I like to concentrate in data management, just because I have a communication side that I learned from marketing and communications. So, I can break that barrier between the statistics and the front-end. That’s how I tie them both together.

So you were able to go to the NABA conference? How was it?

Yes. It was in Virginia. That was the first time New Paltz had ever been to a NABA conference. First time in history and it was honestly the best experience that I have ever witnessed and also the members that I brought along with me... We all landed interviews with these top companies in the whole world ranging from Bank of America, PWC, Prudential, S&P Global, the list goes on and on.


What else do you hope to accomplish through NABA here at New Paltz or more generally, in your life?

I definitely want it to grow. There’s no reason why there’s only 5 people going to this conference. This is the biggest opportunity that the business school can ever take. We need to expand, have everybody be aware of these opportunities because next conference coming around next year, I don’t want it to be 5 people. I want it to be 20 people.

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