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Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies > Minor

Minor in Women's Studies - 19 credits

I. CORE (Required Courses)…......…7 credits

All Women’s Studies minors take the following courses:

WOM220 Women: Images and Realities (4)
WOM421 Feminist Theory (3)

II. CLUSTERS…………………...…........6 credits

Minors select one course from each of TWO of the following FOUR clusters.
Note: No more than three credits can be lower division.

Historical and Political Contexts

WOM311 Women and Work (3)
WOM314 Violence Against Women (3)
WOM316 History of Women in the US to 1880 (3)
WOM317 History of Women in the US from 1880 (3)
WOM423 Feminism in the US (3)

Culture and Representation

WOM222 The Queer Experience (3)
WOM319 Feminist Art and Culture (3)
WOM325 Women and Popular Culture (3)
WOM335 Performing Feminism (3)
THE327   Race, Gender, and Performance (3)

Race, Culture, Nation

BLK221   The Black Woman (3)
WOM340 Transnational Feminism (3)
WOM430 Women in the Caribbean (3)
HIS480    Women in China (3)

Gender, Sexuality & Queer Studies

WOM318 Women, Love and Sex (3)
WOM315 Women with Women (3)
WOM322 Masculinities (3)
WOM330 Intro. to Queer Studies (3)
SOC360  Sociology of Gender (3)

III. ELECTIVES…………………………6 credits

In consultation with their adviser, minors take an additional 6 credits in Women’s Studies or cross-listed courses around a theme or in relation to their major. No more than three credits can be lower division.