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Psychology > Major

We offer three majors programs: a Psychology major (539), a concentration in Psychobiology (539B), and a concentration in Industrial-Organization Psychology (539I). Please be aware that these are the current majors, and if you declared one of these majors in a previous semester, your major plan may vary. See your adviser with any questions.

Psychology - 41 credits

I.  Introductory Requirement (3 credits)
PSY272 Introductory Psychology (3)

II.  Methodological Skills Requirement (8 credits)
PSY275 Psychological Statistics (4)
PSY311 Psychological Research Methods (4) [prerequisite:  PSY275]

III. Content Area Studies (18 credits)
Physiology, Learning & Cognition (choose 2)

PSY303 Introduction to Psychology of Learning
PSY305 Psychology of Perception
PSY310 Psychology of Memory & Thinking
PSY402 Psychology of Language
PSY403 Health Psychology (WI)
PSY436 Physiological Psychology

Social, Developmental & History (choose 2)
PSY302 History & Systems of Psychology
PSY306 Social Psychology
PSY308 Psychology of Motivation
PSY343 Psychology of Infancy & Childhood
PSY344 Psychology of Adolescence & Adulthood
PSY350 Psychology of Women

Personality & Abnormal (choose 1)
PSY313 Psychology of Personality
PSY412 Abnormal Psychology
PSY440 Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Applied (choose 1)
PSY304 Industrial Psychology
PSY315 Basics of Organizational Psychology
PSY456 Disaster Psychology
PSY458 Introduction to Psychological Testing [prerequisite: PSY275]

IV. Capstone Experience (3 credits)
PSY498 Seminar in Psychology (WI) [prerequisite:  PSY311]

V. Electives (9 credits) - Choose three courses. Each of the three may come from either this list OR may be an additional course coming from ANY of the categories above.

PSY273 Psychology of Adjustment
PSY295 Independent Study
PSY307 Evolutionary Psychology
PSY309 Constructivism
PSY318 Group Behavior
PSY320 Behavior Modification

PSY330 Crisis Intervention
PSY442 Psychological Study of Social Problems
PSY493 Selected Topics____(Title)
PSY494 Fieldwork
PSY495 Independent Study
PSY497 Practicum in Psychology

VI. Research Experience Component
At least 12 half-hour experiential credits (i.e., 6 hours) completed.