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History > Major

Major in History - 34-37 credits

NOTES:  All majors are required to write a 2-3-page 'Exit Essay' as a requirement for graduation. Only marks of 'C-' or above can count for major courses. All majors must take, with the approval of an adviser, at least one (1) course 'PRE-1500' and at least one course 'POST-1500.'

  1. Two courses in United States History (6 credits) - at least one of these courses should be a survey
  2. Two courses in European History (7-8 credits) - at least one of these courses should be a survey
  3. Two courses in Africa, Asia, Latin America, American, Indian, Middle East, and/or Russia (6-8 credits)
  4. Four electives (three of which must be upper-division) (12 credits)
  5. Final Research Project (3 credits) - either Seminar in History (HIS492) or 400-level course in which student writes a 25-30 page research paper with permission of instructor.

Senior Thesis with Honors in History

For Liberal Arts majors, History provides qualified students an opportunity to research and write a thesis under the direction of a member of the department.  Successful completion of the six-credit thesis with a minimum grade of B+ in each semester enables students to graduate with Honors in History, a distinction that appears on the College transcript.  Candidates for the program need a 3.5 average in History course work, a minimum of twenty-four credits in History, and approval of the Chair of the History Department.  Application must be made during the pre-registration of the last semester of the junior year.  For further details, consult with the Chair of the History Department.