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Communications Disorders > Major Plans

The major plan and additional information is listed below. The department provides pre-major advisement. Students who are potentially interested in majoring in Communication Disorders are urged to contact the department early in their academic careers.

Communication Disorders (Academic Track) - 52 credits

The Communication Disorders “Academic Track” (major code 588) is a liberal arts major which prepares students for graduate study in speech-language pathology, audiology or related areas. Electives in American Sign Language and deaf studies are available. Students may begin this 52-credit major prior to or during the fall of the junior year. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required for entrance into the major.

Required core courses.................................30 credits
CMD301 Speech Science (3)
CMD302 Phonetics (3)
CMD305 Hearing Science (3)
CMD306 Language Development in Children (3)
CMD310 Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (4)
CMD312 Introduction to Communication Disorders (3)
CMD401 Observations in Communication Disorders (2)
CMD405 Tests and Assessment of Communication Disorders (3)
CMD415 Disorders of Child Language (3)
CMD417 Audiology (3)

Communication Skills elective course..............3 credits
Select, by advisement, one course from the following:
CMM104 Public Speaking (3)
CMM202 Interpersonal Communication (3)
CMM204 Small Group Communication (3)
CMMxxx Other, by advisement (3)

Elective courses...........................................15 credits
Select, by advisement, 15 credits from the following courses:
CMD101 American Sign Language 1 (3)
CMD102 American Sign Language 2 (3)
CMD103 American Sign Language 3 (3)
CMD202 Deaf Culture and Heritage (3)
CMD393 Selected Topics in CMD
CMD402 Clinical Participation I (2)
CMD403 Clinical Participation II (2)
CMD407 Speech Perception and Hearing Impairment (3)
CMD409 Aural Rehabilitation (3)
CMD419 Research in Communication Disorders (3)
CMD493 Selected Topics in CMD
CMD494 Fieldwork in CMD
CMD495 Independent Study in CMD
LIN201  Intro to Linguistics (3)
ENG226 Practical Grammar (3)

Capstone experience.......................................4 credits
CMD406 Diagnosis in Speech-Language Pathology [WI] (4)
CMD473 Clinical Methods in Audiology [WI] (4)
CMD420 Seminar in Communication Disorders [WI] (4)

ASHA Requirements: These  courses are not required; they are recommended for all students who plan to apply to graduate programs in Communication Disorders.
Social Science requirement (3)
Social Science requirement (3)
College-level Statistics course (3)
Biological science (3)
Physical science (3)
Manual communication (?)

1. A 3.0 grade point average is the minimum criterion for admission to the major.
2. Grades below C- in Communication Disorders courses are not accepted.
3. A 2.0 Communication Disorders course average is required for degree application.
4. Students must have completed 45 Upper Division credits to qualify for degree.