Sociology as a Career

Anyone who has ever studied sociology has probably heard this question many times from friends, family members, and co-workers. The truth is a degree in sociology will prepare you for a career in a whole range of fields and occupations. Ask most job recruiters what skills they look for in college graduates and most will rattle off many of the proficiencies you learn by studying sociology: writing and speaking clearly; working cohesively in a group; thinking strategically and critically; being able to conceptualize the bigger picture; and collecting and analyzing data. By gaining these skills through your sociology coursework you will be ideally positioned to pursue any number of professional positions when you graduate.

Sociology provides you with a broad and diversitile path for careers in policy, human services, business, or research, among others.

Need proof? Just read through our alumni profiles to learn about the varied experiences of some of our SUNY New Paltz sociology graduates.

For additional information check out some of the many sources available through the American Sociological Association.