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The Psychology Department at SUNY New Paltz has a long-standing history of cultivating student success in the basic and applied behavioral sciences. With approximately 20 full-time faculty members, our department includes leading faculty with expertise on such diverse areas as psychology of disaster mental health, cognitive neuroscience, social development, the psychology of female objectification, constructivism, perceptual development, gender identity, ethnic and racial identity, academic development of historically under-represented students, positive psychology, the psychology of emotions, basic cognitive processes, academic motivation, the affect/cognitition interface, visual perception, best practices in school and mental health counseling, and more. Our department hosts several undergraduate programs, including the standard psychology major, that are designed to provide students with rich and broad academic experiences in psychology. We also host highly successful graduate programs in scientific psychology, mental health counseling, and school counseling. And we work closely with two highly active student organizations: The Undergraduate Psychology Association and the New Paltz Chapter of Psi Chi.

Our department has a long-standing tradition of cultivating student work beyond the classroom. Toward that end, we offer several internship-like experiences along with several opportunities for students to collaborate with our faculty directly in the domain of research. Our students regularly co-author academic presentations and publications with our faculty and students often, with financial support of the department, attend and present at academic conferences all around the world.

Alumni of our department regularly achieve greatness - we regularly place students into high-caliber graduate programs (including PhD programs) at schools like Columbia University, Cornell University, Binghamton University, University of Flordia, and more.

We work hard to cultivate a community-oriented approach in the department and we are always happy to hear about the successes of our current students and our alumni - who are the ultimate fruits of our work.

Don't hesitate to contact me directly with any questions about the Department or its many offerings. And many thanks for stopping by our website!

Genuinely, Glenn Geher, PhD; Chair of Psychology; State University of New York at New Paltz

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