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Department of Linguistics

Minor in Linguistics

The Minor in Linguistics exposes students to the central topics and methods in the study of the structure, use, variation, acquisition, and historical development of language.  A minor in Linguistics is an excellent complement to a range of majors, and may be of particular interest to students majoring in Communication Disorders, Education, English, Foreign Languages, Asian Studies, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy or Communication & Media.

The Minor consists of 18 credits (6 courses) from the following two areas. (Note: all courses listed in the required category also count as electives. Students interested in obtaining a solid background in Linguistics that will prepare them for internships, jobs, or graduate school in Linguistics are encouraged to take courses in the core areas of Linguistics in lieu of electives).

1.  Required Courses (12 credits)

LIN201 Introduction to Linguistics (3)


Any two of the following core courses:

CMD302 Phonetics (3)
LIN365 Semantics (3)
LIN364 Syntax (3)
LIN380 Etymology and Morphology (3)
CMM413 Sociolinguistics (3)

Any one of the following courses or one additional course from the above list:

CMD306 Language Development in Children (3)
ENG327 Development of Modern English (3)
PSY402 Psychology of Language (3)
ANT216 Language and Culture (3)

2.  Electives (6 credits)

Any of the courses listed above, excluding the four taken as required, or any of the following courses may be taken as electives.

LIN293 Selected Topics in Linguistics
LIN295 Independent Study in Linguistics
LIN393 Selected Topics in Linguistics
LIN493 Selected Topics in Linguistics
LIN494 Fieldwork in Linguistics
LIN495 Independent Study in Linguistics
CMM355 Non-verbal Communication (3)
CMM359 Communication Among Cultures (3)
CMM452 Communication and Gender (3)
PHI201 Symbolic Logic
PHI336 Philosophy of Language
LIN396 Black English: Language and Culture (3)
ANT406 Culture, Self, and Meaning
CMD101 Elementary Sign Language I (3) or CMD102 Elementary Sign Language II (3) or CMD103 Elementary Sign Language III (3)

At least nine of the 18 credits should be from courses outside the student's major department.

Students wishing to declare and pursue the minor should contact the Director of the Linguistics Program for advisement.

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