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Undergraduate Programs

The History department
The History Department offers courses that vary in scope from broad to specialized, that vary in teaching method from lecture to discussion, and that are offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The department offers courses with a global or regional perspective. With the aid of advisors, students are encouraged to design curricula that are suitable to their own needs and interests in history and in complementary fields such as other social sciences, philosophy, literature, and art.
Before graduation we ask all of our students to submit an exit_essay_revis_11-08 reflecting on their experience in the department.

Degrees Offered:

History Major Requirements
The Liberal Arts major in History requires a minimum 33 credit hours of study. Each major is required to complete 6 credits in United States history; 6 credits in European history, and the seminar in history or its equivalent. Liberal Arts majors also take courses in other disciplines to broaden their understanding of the human experience. A few students pursue dual majors, including History as one of a pair of majors, the other major being in any other program throughout the college.

» historymajorplan *

Each major is required to complete by advisement, 18 credits of electives in history, two courses of which must be selected from an approved list of non-Western offerings.

Senior Thesis with Honors in History
For Liberal Arts majors, History provides qualified students an opportunity to research and write a thesis under the direction of a member of the department. Successful completion of the six credit thesis with a minimum grade of B+ in each semester enables students to graduate with Honors in History, a distinction that appears on the College transcript. Candidates for the program need a 3.5 average in history course work, and a minimum of twenty-four credits in history, and approval of the chair of the History Department. Application must be made during the pre-registration of the last semester of the junior year. For further details, consult with the chair of the History Department.

Minor in History
The Liberal Arts Minor in History requires a minimum of eighteen credits. A minor in History linked to another field of study can add an attractive additional background. The completion of a minor is noted on a student's transcript.

Childhood Education
The Childhood Education with a Major in History is for students interested in teaching in elementary schools. For the education curriculum components of this program consult the Department of Elementary Education. The academic portion of this major in the History department requires thirty credits.

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Adolescent Education
The Adolescent Education with a Major in Social Studies is for students interested in teaching in secondary schools. For the education curriculum component of this program consult the Department of Secondary Education. The academic portion of this major requires forty-five credits. In addition to history courses, students also take courses from the departments of Anthropology, Black Studies, Economics, Geography, and Political Science and International Relations.

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» Ancient Studies Minor

Graduate Programs

In conjunction with the School of Education, the department offers a Masters of Arts in Teaching and a Masters of Science in Education (Secondary 7-12). Both programs require thirty-three credits, with a minimum of fifteen credits in Liberal Studies. Most of these courses are offered by the Department of History, but courses are also offered by Black Studies, Geography and Political Science.

mseduhistory *

mahistory *


All students wishing to declare a major in Liberal Arts History must, in the consultation with an advisor, write a 300 word typed, double-spaced essay on why History is their choice of major in comparison to other possible majors.

Declared Liberal Arts History majors will maintain a portfolio of writings in the Departmental office and will place in their portfolios a copy of one essay from each History course each semester. During the final semester, but no later than the mid-term point, majors will review their portfolio with their major advisor and write a 300 word essay assessing their accomplishments during their course of study in History, especially their ability to analyze and synthesize historical material in writing.


  1. See the Chairperson who will help you select a major advisor.
  2. Discuss your courses of study with a History advisor.
  3. Complete the plan of study and submit it to the Department Chairman for approval.
  4. A copy of the approved plan of study will be kept on file in the Department. If it becomes necessary to make changes, you must get your advisor's approval, in writing, in advance
  5. You must meet with your advisor at least once each semester to discuss your course of study

Please note:

  1. No course will be counted toward the major when the grade earned is less than C- (1.7)
  2. No selected topics courses or independent studies will be permitted, escept under advisement and with prior approval of your advisor. Approval for such courses should be indicated in the "Comments" column on the reverse side.
  3. Courses which may be used as electives for African, Asian, Latin American, Native American, Middle Eastern and Russian history.
    • 58308 Indians of New York State
    • 58309 Indians of the United States
    • 58310 Indians of the Eastern Woodlands
    • 58315 Traditional China
    • 58332 Imperial Russia
    • 58333 Soviet Union
    • 58334 Traditional Japan
    • 58335 Modern Japan
    • 58343 History of Islam and the Middle East, 570-1918
    • 58442 Ancient Israel
    • 58344 The Middle East in the 20th Century
    • 17201 Black History 1
    • 17202 Black History 2
    • 17232 Contemporary Africa
    • 17302 Contemporary Afro-American Civilizations
    • 17302 Survey of Contemporary Africa
    • 17309 Afro- Brazilian History
    • 17311 Blacks in the Carribean
    • 17360 West African Kingdom in the 19th Century
    • 48260 Understanding China
    • 48307 Understanding Latin America
    • 77337 Israel in World Politics


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