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As salaries and demand for geologists continue to climb, prepare yourself for your career with an exceptional core curriculum at New Paltz. With tracks in general geology, environmental geoscience, environmental geochemical science and secondary education in earth science, the Geology major at New Paltz provides excellent employment potential in industry, teaching, research, and government. Our modern facilities and stunning natural setting offer endless opportunities for undergraduate research, including recent projects focusing on climate effects on tree ring widths; post-glacial history and modern atmospheric lead deposition; and experimental reconstruction of an early arthropod trackway. Our graduates go on to attend prestigious grad schools, teach in colleges and school districts, and work for government agencies and several high-level environmental consulting firms.


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2016 Geology Field Trip Excursion


Students and faculty of the Geology Department visited Hawaii Volcanoes National Park from May 20-28 for the 2016 Geology Extended Field Excursion, organized by Dr. Patwardhan, to apply concepts and knowledge of petrology, mineralogy, and other geologic disciplines in the study of an active volcanic center. The studies encompassed a wide variety of volcanic, structural, and geomorphological features, and included discussion of volcanic hazard risk and management issues, a geologic perspective on the history of human settlements around volcanoes at selected cultural historical sites, and a visit to a geothermal energy plant. A visit to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Mauna Loa Observatory, at 3397 meters (11,135 feet) above sea level allowed observation and discussion of atmospheric composition testing, including global particulate and CO2 levels, and climate change.