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Location: SCB 153
Web address: www.newpaltz.edu/philosophy

Philosophy is the "love of wisdom." It involves a relentless probing of the most profound and difficult questions concerning human beings and their place in the universe. It is therefore the most comprehensive study. The Department of Philosophy offers a program designed to acquaint students with the major divisions of philosophy and with the principal historical and contemporary figures and schools. The study of philosophy is excellent preparation for a variety of vocations and professions, as well as for graduate study in medicine, law, government, business, and journalism.

The Department of Philosophy offers a major and a minor. Students should plan their programs in consultation with the department chair or another member of the Philosophy faculty as soon as they decide to declare one of these programs. Philosophy students are urged to complete a minimum of 15 credits in a foreign language and to gain as broad an education in other subject areas as possible.

Philosophy Program