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Sponsored Programs

Proposal Development Guides

Prior to contact with a potential external sponsor, project directors are encouraged to contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for assistance and guidance.

Defining Sponsored Projects and Charitable Giving  - contains policies for appropriate classification and processing of external funds at SUNY New Paltz.

Proposal Writing Short Course - published on-line by The Foundation Center this publication provides an overview of the grant proposal development process. Geared toward submission to private foundations and corporate giving programs. Some information provided can be used with government sponsors.


Major Components of a Proposal - borrowed from "Total Proposal Building" by Richard Steiner, PhD, provides a comprehensive outline of the typical full format grant proposal.


Letters of Intent - provides guidance for preparation of an initial letter of intent/inquiry type proposal. This type of approach is used most often with foundation and corporate external sponsors.


Common Blunders in Proposal Writing - A list of common proposal development mistakes.


Budget Development - Tools for development of a line item grant proposal budget.


Process for Proposal Development & Submission - Guide for proposal development and submission.


ELEMENTS OF A SUBCONTRACT PROPOSAL - New Paltz as Sub -- Guide to the elements to be included when agreeing to participate in a proposal/project being undertaken by an investigator or project director at an external institution.


ELEMENTS OF A SUBCONTRACT PROPOSAL - New Paltz as Lead Agency (links to document with same title)-- Guide to the elements of a proposal to be provided to New Paltz by a subcontractor.