Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Proposal Development Guides

Prior to contact with a potential external sponsor, project directors are encouraged to contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for assistance and guidance.

Defining Sponsored Projects and Charitable Giving  - contains policies for appropriate classification and processing of external funds at SUNY New Paltz.

Proposal Writing - Grantspace offers live and on-demand training for topics such as "Introduction to Proposal Writing" and an audiobook titled "Guide to Proposal Writing".

Major Components of a Proposal - borrowed from "Total Proposal Building" by Richard Steiner, PhD, provides a comprehensive outline of the typical full format grant proposal.

Letters of Intent - provides guidance for preparation of an initial letter of intent/inquiry type proposal. This type of approach is used most often with foundation and corporate external sponsors.

Common Blunders in Proposal Writing - A list of common proposal development mistakes.

Budget Development - Tools for development of a line item grant proposal budget.

Process for Proposal Development & Submission - Guide for proposal development and submission.


ELEMENTS OF A SUBCONTRACT PROPOSAL - New Paltz as Sub -- Guide to the elements to be included when agreeing to participate in a proposal/project being undertaken by an investigator or project director at an external institution.


ELEMENTS OF A SUBCONTRACT PROPOSAL - New Paltz as Lead Agency (links to document with same title)-- Guide to the elements of a proposal to be provided to New Paltz by a subcontractor.