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Sponsored Programs

Major Components of a Proposal


Model Proposal Outline
(Taken from "Total Proposal Building" by Richard Steiner, PhD.)


Part I: Technical Proposal

Title Page - (Normally a form provided by the sponsor)

  • Project or program title
  • Legal name and address of submitting organization
  • Name, title and address of project director
  • Signature and title of authorized institutional official

Summary/Abstract (1-2 pages maximum)

Statement of Problem and Need for Program

  • Significance of problem or need
  • Descriptive data
  • Literature review
  • Alternative approaches

Work Plan

  • Objectives
  • Work methods, tasks and activities
  • Outcomes and deliverables
  • Organization and management
  • Control of extraneous factors

Applicant and Contributor Qualification and Capability

  • Organizational performance competence, experience and resources
  • Individual or staff qualification, experience and competence
  • Contributor or subcontractor qualifications, experience and competence

Evaluation and Measurement Plan


Part II: Cost and Pricing Data

  • Summary Budget Form
  • Detailed Cost Breakdowns and Justifications


Part III: Appendix

  • Certifications and Representations
  • Resumes of Key Personnel
  • Detailed Organizational and Capability Description
  • Letters of Support
  • Bibliography
  • Other Relevant Information