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Sponsored Programs

Letter of Intent

Most private foundations require a 2-3 page initial letter of intent, or letter of inquiry prior to submission of a full proposal for funding. This form of contact allows the foundation to assess whether or not the project meets their goals and interests prior to investment in development of the full proposal. Please consult with the Office of Sponsored Programs prior to submission of any letters of intent. Estimated cost figures in letters of intent must be approved through the Office of Sponsored Programs.


Prior to development of a Letter of Intent, always check the sponsor's guidelines for acceptance and format requirements. If no format guidance is provided use the following:

  • Relevance of the project to the external sponsor's interests
  • Purpose of the project or need statement
  • Problems and issues the project will address and its significance
  • Information about SUNY at New Paltz and the department proposing the project
  • Estimated budget for the project
  • Time-table for project
  • Key project personnel qualifications
  • Two to three pages maximum


Relevant Letter of Intent Sites