Science of Reading National Campaign

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The mission of the Ibis Group is to ensure that every student - regardless of demographics and including those with dyslexia - has access to evidence-based instructional methods and the resources needed to master grade-level reading by the end of first grade. The Ibis group strategy has three pillars:

  • fREADom: Investing in leaders and organizations to build a coalition championing literacy as a civil right in the United States.
  • One in Five: A national campaign to help eliminate the stigma of dyslexia experienced by almost 20% of Americans.
  • Distinguished Scholars Network: Strengthening the next generation of early literacy instructors.

Chi Kim serves as board chair and Jason Griffiths is currently the interim president and executive director. You can learn more about Ibis Group here - team bios included. The grant to SUNY New Paltz is the Ibis Group’s largest gift to date, as well as the largest ever to the SUNY New Paltz Foundation.


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