How Is University Equipment Controlled?


How Is University Equipment Controlled?

a) All equipment purchased by SUNY New Paltz, the College Foundation or the Research Foundation with a value of $1500 or more is bar coded upon receipt and entered into the Property Control System.

b) You are responsible for the safeguarding of any equipment in your possession or for which you are administratively responsible.

c) A physical inventory of all equipment is taken once every three years.

d) Equipment moves must be coordinated with Property Control for inventory purposes. Please let them know when you move equipment from one location to another.

e) Trade-in of used equipment for new equipment is permitted when the used equipment is of similar nature as the new and when it is in the college's best interests. Prior approval is required from Purchasing.

f) To dispose of surplus or obsolete equipment, contact Property Control. Do not put equipment in dumpsters.

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