Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meeting Expenses Policy

To establish procedures for the payment of breakfast, lunch and dinner meeting expenses incurred in the conduct of State business.

The appropriateness of such expenses shall be determined by the department chair/supervisor and area Vice President with subsequent approval by the Vice President for Administration, or designee, pursuant to these policies and procedures. The justification must include the following information.

  1. The purpose and necessity of the meeting including an explanation why it could not be held during normal working hours.
  2. The specific nature of State business being conducted.
  3. The location of the meeting.
  4. The number of participants including names and titles and their relationship to the business being conducted.
  5. The cost of the meal.

The VP for Administration, or designee, is responsible for determining the following:

  1. The meeting is of a benefit to the agency.
  2. The cost of the meals is reasonable.
  3. Proper agency personnel are attending.
  4. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the cost.
  5. Appropriate adjustments in the per diems are made for the individuals in travel status receiving meal allowances.

The approved justification must be attached to the voucher when submitted for payment. Any differences between the approved number of attendees and the actual number of attendees or in the cost of the meals must be explained.