Major & Minor Requirements


The Major

Philosophy majors must take at least 12 philosophy courses. Seven are required, and five are electives. The seven required courses are core courses in the history and principal areas of philosophy: Logic, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, Ethics, Metaphysics, Theory of Knowledge, and an advanced Seminar (the topic of which changes every year). All other philosophy courses can be counted as electives. Since philosophy is so universal in its scope and thus so closely tied to other studies, philosophy students are encouraged to take as many courses as possible in the humanities, mathematics, social and natural sciences, and arts, and to study one or more foreign languages thoroughly.

(The old plan of study -- for those students who matriculated prior to Fall 2009 -- can be found here.)

The Minor

Students majoring in other areas may be interested in the Philosophy Minor, which requires the completion of six courses in philosophy (18 credits), three of which must be at the upper-division level.

General Education (GE)

In addition to its minor and major programs, the Philosophy Department teaches many courses which fulfill requirements in the various categories of General Education.  For more information about General Education at New Paltz, please visit the Academic Advising website.

Frequency of Philosophy undergraduate course offerings


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