Why Study Philosophy



During the summer of 2022, the Department of Philosophy conducted this survey to gain greater knowledge about the vocational, educational, and professional activities of our majors after graduation. The survey was administered by the Office of Institutional Research & all participants and their responses remained anonymous. The results of this survey reflect the views of 133 philosophy alumni who responded to the survey.

*For more information about the Department, or to request a copy of the survey results, write to philosophy@newpaltz.edu


Students graduate from the philosophy program with a strong set of intellectual skills, including writing, analysis, and argumentation, that are useful in any career path.
Philosophy Careers

What did you do immediately after graduation?

Some went on to graduate school:

Fordham Law
Columbia Law
Baruch College
Emory University
DePaul University
New York University
New York Law School
Cardozo School of Law

To pursue degrees like:

Master of Library Science (MLS)
Master of Social Work (MSW)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
Master of Arts (MA)
Juris Doctor (JD)

Going on to work at places such as:

Warner Brothers
Brown University
Legal Aid Society
The Bowery Mission

An undergraduate major in philosophy is excellent preparation for careers in diverse areas, including business, government, journalism, social work, non-profit vocations, law, and for graduate work in many fields.

While others went straight to work at places like:

Bank of New York
CEC Entertainment
Balenciaga America
Washington Mutual
Ulster Savings Bank
New American Library Amnesty International
Services for the UnderServed
Long Island Children’s Museum
English Conversation School (Japan)

philosophy comments

How has philosophy been helpful (or not helpful) in everyday life?

Studying philosophy helped to prepare me for a career as a problem solver. It gave me the tools I needed to be able to break down complex problems, the ability to look at them through a variety of lenses, and a framework by which I could deliver the best solution.”

Problem Solving

new perspectives

I wish everyone would study philosophy in school. It really taught me how to think and gave me a foundational lens for approaching life.
It was the best decision I have ever made. It is still my love and passion. My philosophy degree has assisted me in attaining every job position I have had since I graduated. Excellent networking opportunities.”

networking opportunities

critical thinking

Studying philosophy has helped me to become a critical thinker, reader, and writer -- skills which I use on a daily basis.”
Studying philosophy provides you with the tools to navigate professional business interactions as well as social personal interactions.

valuable life skills

career options

Many joke that the study of philosophy does not yield a ‘good job’ after college, but I disagree, as would many of the engineers and developers I work with who also hold degrees in philosophy.”
In my personal life, it has helped me determine what my values are and to live, to the best of my ability, in line with these values. Great for keeping the big picture in mind!

Life Values

Pictured philosophers: Iris Murdoch, Ludwig Wittgenstein