Liberal Studies BA/BS program

Liberal Studies BA/BS program
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Liberal Studies BA/BS program

The Liberal Studies program provides opportunities for students whose interests span several academic departments and disciplines. Designed for groups of mature learners with common interests that traditional majors may not fully address, the program is structured around a liberal arts core (comprised of the College's General Education and Diversity requirements) and a (minimum) 30-credit specialization requirement, which may be interdisciplinary in nature.

Liberal arts core courses provide a firm foundation of general knowledge and skills, while specialized courses add depth and focus. The program's multi-disciplinary nature allows for a rich educational experience, tailored to students' particular areas of interest.

Students may choose either a BA or a BS degree in Liberal Studies. For more information about this cohort-based program, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.


College-wide degree requirements

General Education requirements (GE4)

Liberal Studies 8-semester plan