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Testimonials by Professional and Academic Faculty

Cindy Cullen, Director of International Student Services
International Student Services


Kathleen Geher, Director of Dual Diploma Programs
Dual Diploma Programs


Jeff Pollard, Director of Institute for International Business, and, Exchange and Visiting Student Advisor
Institute for International Business and Exchange and Visiting Student Program


Aiko Pletch, ESL Academic Coordinator and Lecturer
Haggerty English Language Program




Testimonials by Graduate Student Assistants

Shashi Kanth, Graduate Student from the
Republic of India


Idil Karavelioglu, Graduate Student from
Republic of Cyprus

Judy Bishop, International Admissions Advisor
International Student Admissions


Jennie Castro, International Student Advisor
International Student Services


Jason Serrano, International Student Services Assistant
International Student Services





















Keqian Ye, Graduate Student from the
People's Republic of China


Naga Spandana Popuri, Graduate Student from the
Republic of India

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