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"Working with the HVAMC has allowed me to confidently bring my product and services to market. Their technical expertise is always reliable and the connections I've made through working with the HVAMC have accelerated the growth of Mediprint in multiple directions. If you are seeking design assistance, manufacturing, or related technical services, the HVAMC has everything you need and to top it off they're a genuine pleasure to work with."

Brent Chanin
Mediprint, LLC, Founder & Chief Engineer



"The team at SUNY Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center (HVAMC) is amazing and completely exceeded all my expectations.  I am now patent pending with design and utility patents -- and have working prototypes. Additionally, the work spawned new projects in the pipeline. On a personal level, Dan Freedman and Kat Wilson have been wonderful to work with. I could not be more pleased and am now looking forward to going to market!"

Paul Widerman
Heart, Inventor & Founder


"Czinkota Studios Ltd specializes in custom fabrication for special events, corporations and theme parks. With the projects we do, there is always a high degree of importance put upon the visual aspects. The Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center at SUNY New Paltz has given us the ability to provide a hand-held preview in miniature of what the finished element will look like. This service has allowed us to lessen production times by allowing our clients to comment on the 3D print and have corrections made before the actual full-size piece is started. SUNY’s excellent service, including quality and quick turnaround times, have greatly added to our capabilities. We look forward to continuing and expanding our participation with SUNY’s Manufacturing Center."

George Czinkota
President, Czinkota Studios Ltd


“Your services have been extremely helpful in the design and development of new products at Selux. Your turn around time is excellent and the quality of your models and service is outstanding.”

Stanley Mayer
Engineering Manager, Selux


"Recently I was able to recommend the Advanced Manufacturing Center to several local manufacturing businesses, including Niekamp Tool Company, Inc., located in Kingston. I strongly recommended your program based upon the Helopak’s success. The recent product development of a new shackle for the Helopak Advanced Blade Restraint System (ABRS) for the Navy Seahawk helicopter was not only expedited, but the rapid turnaround by your department allowed us to make minor improvements to the design permitting greater functionality and safety for sailors around the world. Your assistance in making the Helopak ABRS a world class product is greatly appreciated.”

Bruce Anderson
Director, Marketing & Sales, Helopak


“Spectra Vista Corporation's collaboration with Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center has been a great experience. Our engineers have profited greatly from the very knowledgeable HVAMC technical staff, whose experience with the exciting new FDM technology has enabled us to save development time, cut costs, and introduce valuable enhancements to our products not available with subtractive manufacturing techniques. Dan Freedman has been exceptionally helpful, always accessible and conveniently located near our facility. It is quite exciting to see this cutting edge technology right on our doorstep.”

Ward Duffield
Production Engineer, Spectra Vista Corporation