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Being an Honors Student

The Honors Program is not just about academics, though that is certainly our focus. We are interested in creating an experience that is both challenging and rewarding. Therefore, in addition to offering seminars attended by interested students and enthusiastic professors, we offer camaraderie and a venue for rest and relaxation. The Honors Program allows you to join a network of students and professors who are committed to the life of the mind but are also interested in different and active ways of learning.

Being an honors student is about being motivated and involved in multiple facets of the college life.

Spend time in the Honors Center and get to know your fellow Honors students. Come to the events and spend time with your Honors professors outside of the classroom.

Ultimately, the Honors experience is what you make of it. Get involved. Talk with your Honors student representatives about programs you'd like to see happen or ideas you may have for the center.

Beyond the classroom: The Honors Program provides students with the opportunity to meet and work with other like-minded students on class-related projects or extracurricular, creative endeavors. These projects can take the form of anything from organizing an academic conference or discussion to painting a mural, working on our newsletter, running a workshop, or any other skill, talent, or interest you have. The Honors Program also organizes several trips each year, such as hikes at Mohonk Preserve and visits to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Storm King Sculpture Park.


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