Graduate, Professional & Interdisciplinary Studies

Academic Dismissal Appeals

Dismissal is incurred once a student has earned a cumulative GPA below 2.5, after twelve credits of graduate coursework. Students will also be dismissed after three consecutive semesters of academic warning or after two consecutive semesters of academic probation. Once a student has been academically dismissed, the student is deregistered from current coursework and future registration is prohibited. This action also means that the student cannot matriculate into another graduate program at SUNY New Paltz.

Informal Efforts at Resolution

In many situations, an academic issue may be resolved through informal efforts and no appeal will be necessary.  Thus, parties must first attempt to resolve an academic issue informally.   

For Academic Dismissal, this means that the Student must alert the Office of Graduate, Professional & Interdisciplinary Studies that they are asking to have the Academic Dismissal reviewed. To schedule an appointment: contact Emily Russo to set up a meeting with Shala Mills, Dean of Graduate, Professional & Interdisciplinary Studies. 

Formal Efforts at Resolution

Before you begin your appeal, make sure you have:

  • received formal, written notice of your dismissal from the Dean of Graduate, Professional & Interdisciplinary Studies, and
  • scheduled a meeting to informally discuss your appeal. 
    If the informal discussion regarding your academic dismissal has not resolved your appeal, then it is appropriate to initiate a formal appeal.


The burden of proof is always on the student. Therefore, the student must substantiate the grievance. Retention of all documentation relevant to the appeal is strongly recommended. This may include course and/or fieldwork/internship/clinical materials such as syllabi, tests, papers, evaluations, and assessments as well as emails and other communications related to the situation that has resulted in dismissal.

Appeal Format

Before you begin your appeal, make sure you have:

  1. Documented proof of meeting with the Graduate Dean 
  2. Written appeal request explicating the reason(s) why the academic decision should be reconsidered.
  3. Any supporting or additional documentation may be compiled into a single pdf.


Contact with questions about the process.

Ready to begin?

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All individuals involved with an academic appeal are required to maintain the confidentiality of the proceedings and of all materials presented.