Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Spanish, Elementary Education - Major Plan

Elementary Education, Pre-K to 6 (30-36 credits)

Basic language courses (12 credits)
SPA101 Elementary Spanish I (3)
SPA102 Elementary Spanish II (3)
SPA201 Intermediate Spanish I (3)
SPA202 Intermediate Spanish II (4)
Students with prior training or experience in Spanish may obtain waivers for one or more of the basic language courses listed above, after consultation with the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures.

Composition and Conversation (8 credtis)
SPA301 Communication and Culture in Spanish (4)
SPA361 Communication and Writing in Spanish (4)

Culture and Surveys (12 credits)
SPA365 Culture and Civilization of Spain (4)
SPA372 Culture of Latin America (4)
SPA375 Survey of Spanish Literature (4)
SPA376 Survey of Latin American Literature (4)

Elective (3 credits)
SPA363 Spanish Phonetics and Oral Practice (3)
SPA461 Advanced Spanish Composition (3)
SPAxxx  Spanish Literature or Spanish American Literature (3)