Five-year Master's Plan - Earth Science

A pathway to fulfilling jobs in education and science

We’ve developed this program in response to popular demand from students and parents who have called for a pathway to fulfilling jobs in education and science, and to school districts who report an increasing number of full-time job openings in STEM disciplines. Graduation from the Five-Year Master Plan empowers students with options to choose the career they find most fulfilling, whether that means becoming a science teacher, working as a chemist, or pursuing a Ph.D.

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Five-year Master's Plan - Earth Science

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Program Information:

Rosemary Millham, Program Coordinator or (845) 257-3118

Admission Information:

Alana Matuszewski, Director of Graduate Admission or (845) 257-3285

Two Powerful Credentials In Five years


If you’re interested in a great career teaching science at the middle or high school level, the BA/MAT pathway might be a perfect fit. Earn two powerful credentials – a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology, and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Adolescent Education – in just five years!