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Fire Safety

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March 12, 2007

Did you know that nationally 88 people have died in fires at colleges or universities since 2000? Most deaths were due to delayed 911 notification, ignoring fire alarms and occupant apathy.

By law, all faculty, staff, students, and visitors must evacuate immediately from any building where an audible fire alarm activates. This includes any fire, accidental fire alarm, malicious fire alarm or fire drill.

Tips for correcting this problem include: keeping coats and bags close at all times, so evacuation can begin immediately. Also, people should be sure to bring keys and card access with them when they evacuate.

It is important that staff close all windows and doors in their work area when they leave, so that air flow from the outside doesn't push the fire to unburned areas of the building or suck fire into unburned offices.

Elevators should not be used during fire alarms, instead occupants must use stairways, as they can become disabled andstrand people inside. Also, there is no safe way to see if a floor is on fire from an elevator. In a stairwell, a person can feel the door and handle before entering.