Educational Opportunity Program

Study Abroad - Andrew


Study Abroad London Fall 2010

 "Think of yourself getting up in the morning and preparing for school like you would in a normal school day, except today you decide that instead of wearing your T-shirt and sport shoes, you put on your suit and tie and a pair of Derby shoes. You then walk to class, but now you are not at SUNY New Paltz anymore, but studying abroad in London. London, one of the world's great metropolises where you greet each other with “Mate” or “Cheer” as opposed to “Man”, “Bro” or “What's up” at home. If you ask me, how was my trip to London and how was sharing the social and political experience with the British; it was a sudden change of your lifestyle overnight.

 And believe it or not, as you conform to this new lifestyle, dress differently and act differently and even use different vocabularies in your speech, you think differently in quite a subtle way which is also what enriches your study abroad experience. Thanks to London's cultural and ethnic diversity, you start to acquaint people with all kinds of nationalities, and they too are equally curious about you, as you are to them.

The classes offered are of a high academic quality. British students have so much to say about the subjects, because they study nothing else, but solely their chosen major for their entire college career. Class attendance and class participation are the student's responsibilities. You are expected to use the foundation knowledge explained in class for your course work, and are expected to refine your research and communication skills through this process.

Ever since the moment I informed my parents of the admission of my abroad program, they have been very encouraging, first because they didn't have the chance to do so themselves, and they acknowledged the personal as well as
educational growth that could benefit me. Saying goodbye to my friends before I left
London wasn't easy, particularly when many of them left before me. Farewells became a process, instead of an occasion. However, what still amazes me is the strength and quality of the bonds I established with my London friends. We still keep close contact today, and they have had a positive influence on me. At the moment, we are planning for a trip to South America for this coming summer, and I am very confident that we will still have so much more to expect out of these friendships for the years to come, which has been made possible by my London
study abroad experience."

Andrew is studying abroad for the second time in Cardiff, Wales during the Fall 2011 semester.