Center for Research, Regional Education and Outreach

Center for Research, Regional Education and Outreach


CRREO, independently and in collaboration with local governments, business and not-for-profits in the Hudson Valley, conducts studies on topics of regional interest; brings visibility and focus to these matters; fosters communities working together to better serve citizenry; and advances the public interest in our region.


Intern Work Stations

CRREO designs, conducts, manages and produces studies on regional issues or concerns, such as:

  • Local government reform and restructuring
  • Regional approaches to economic development
  • Regional delivery of local public services
  • Land use planning and environmental policy
  • Intergovernmental collaboration
  • Local public finance
  • Performance of local governments in key areas of policy and administration, in relationship to best practices
  • Needs assessment for regional governments and not-for-profits
  • Performance assessment of state and local public programs and agencies




Current Interns:

Anthony Albanese

Anthony Albanese:

Anthony is a Junior at New Paltz majoring in Sociology with minors in Philosophy and Religious Studies. He is a member of the Honors Program and the project leader for NYPIRG's Higher Education chapter. In his free time he cooks, drums, raps, and plays ultimate frisbee. After finishing college he plans on attending graduate school for either Sociology or Religious Studies.


Jake Carias

Jake E. Carias:

Jake is a senior at SUNY New Paltz completing a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in International Relations.  He will be graduating this coming May, 2015.  Recently, Jake returned from his study abroad semester in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and can regularly be found listening to Brazilian funk and pop music in the office.    He hopes to continue to study Urban Sociology in both the United States and Brazil and eventually pursue his Ph.D.  in the hopes of traveling the world and teaching sociology.


 Jessica Dohanyos

Jessica Dohanyos:

Jessica is currently a first-year graduate student in the Adolescent Special Education Program. She is passionate about causes such as environmental conservation and fighting against cancer as well as lesser known ailments. Jessica enjoys road trips with friends, going to Broadway shows, watching TV-series, photography, and reading books, most recently comic books. Joining the CRREO office this past semester has been a good experience for Jessica, and she is looking forward to learning more this current semester. Jessica also has hopes of becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist.


Jared Flagler

Jared Flagler:

Jared is a junior at New Paltz, pursuing degrees in geography and English, with a minor in environmental studies. In short he hopes to someday write eloquently about maps showing how lovely the environment is. Barring that, he might settle on mapping environments inspired by poetry. Perhaps he will become the world's first environmental poet cartographer. Perhaps not. Jared is a member of Students for Sustainable Agriculture and plans on attending graduate school to study agricultural resources. Fun fact: Jared can write until the cows come home, but is rather bad at writing about himself so he had someone else do it for him.


Sadie Godlis

Sadie Godlis:

Sadie is a Political Science major with a concentration in American Government and Politics, graduating from SUNY New Paltz in May 2015. In her time at New Paltz, she has served as a Student Senator and is an organizer with New York Students Rising. She is a member of the Political Science Honors Society, Pi Sigma Alpha. In the future, Sadie hopes to pursue a career in New York City public policy and eventually in documentary film. In her free time she loves to bake anything and everything.


Micaela Kayser

Micaela Kayser:

Micaela is a junior at New Paltz majoring in women's, gender, and sexuality Studies with a minor in English. She is a member of the Honors Program and plays on the New Paltz women's rugby team. She loves baking, reading, telling bad jokes, and long car rides. In the future she plans on attending graduate school and pursuing a career as a high school or college librarian.


Brandon Lundgren

Brandon Lundgren:

Brandon is currently a Senior at SUNY New Paltz and is pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with a concentration on Social Studies. Brandon loves to be in the educational environment whether as a student or educator and his truest wish is to never stop learning. Brandon is also an avid baseball fan and is excited for the Dodgers 2015 season.


Leah Mancini

Leah Mancini:

Leah is a sophomore majoring in psychology, with a minor in German studies. She hopes to use her knowledge of psychology to become a researcher after completing her undergraduate education. She holds specific interests in the areas of cognitive science, and institutional research. She is also a member of the New Paltz Extreme Croquet Society.


Joseph Russo

Joseph Russo:

Joseph is currently a junior majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology. He is also double minoring in Law and in Business. After finishing college he plans on attending law school. In addition to this he is a member of Alpha Kappa Delta, the Political Science Club, and the current president of the SUNY New Paltz Boxing Club.


Emily Vanderpool

Emily Vanderpool:

Emily is a junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Philosophy. Her academic interests are centered around economics of energy, environmental studies, statistics, economic development, and income inequality. She is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon and the president of the Economics Club. In her free time, she enjoys eating, cooking, hiking, and watching movies. She one day hopes to attend the London School of Economics, to take advantage of her dual citizenship.



 Past Interns:

 Picture of Layla Alqaisi


Layla Alqaisi:

Layla is a political science major with a concentration in comparative politics and a minor in international relations. She is a senior at New Paltz and is a member of the political science honors society Pi Sigma Alpha. She is currently looking into applying to law schools and hopes to practice international law in the future.


Picture of Maria Davila


Maria Davila:

Maria is a senior at New Paltz, and is a political science major concentrating in political theory and an environmental studies minor. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and is very involved in environmental community outreach. Maria plans to attend graduate school upon graduation to earn her master's degree in political science.


Intern Carling!!

Carling Devin:

Carling graduated from New Paltz in December 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science with a concentration in political theory. She began attending the New School for Social Research in the fall of 2013 to pursue a Ph.D. in political theory, focusing on resistance movements and radical politics. In her spare time, Carling enjoys hiking in the Gunks, cooking, and reading anarchist literature. Fun Fact: Carling's parents named her after beer!



Janine Harris

Janine Harris:

Janine received her bachelor's degree in organizational communication in May 2010. She was a resident assistant and served as public relations officer for the Residence Hall Student Association. At the time of her graduation she was applying to graduate programs in college student personnel administration and social work, and looks forward to continue working on college campuses.

Intern Ricardo!!

Ricardo A. Hernandez Jr:

Ricardo graduated from New Paltz with a double major in journalism and political science with a concentration in international politics. Hernandez was a two-year Cetrino Scholarship winner and a member of the Honors Program. He hopes to become a foreign correspondent or pursue a career in academia. Fun Fact: Ricardo's two African Grey parrots back home speak like his parents. So when he visits home, his parrots always fool him into thinking his parents are home or calling for him.

Picture of Zachary Keck


Zachary Keck:

Zachary majored in political science and minored in economics. He was a member of the Honors Program. He previously worked in the New York State Family Court System, as well as on the Campaign and in the Washington, D.C. office of Congressman Eric Massa. Zachary plans on continuing his studies in either National Security or Law, and hopes to pursue a career in academia or government.


Intern Roberto!!

Roberto M. LoBianco:

Roberto graduated from New Paltz with a double major in journalism and political science with a concentration in political theory. He served as a student senator and organizer with New York Students Rising. He previously worked with the New York Public Interest Research Group at its legislative office in Albany. He hopes to continue his work in public policy research in graduate school. Fun Fact (actually, it's a rather dull fact): Roberto attends local government meetings for fun...


Ian Charles Miller

Ian Charles Miller:

Ian was an economics major with minors in political science and business. He received his Associate's degree from SUNY Orange in Computer Information Systems with high honors where he became member of the Phi Theta Kappa national honor society. He received a certificate of merit for outstanding scholastic achievement in Computer Information Systems. He has worked on projects having to do with local villages and village elections.


Caitlin O'Donnell

Caitlin O'Donnell:

Caitlin majored in political science with a minor in environmental studies. She participated in the SUNY Global Engagement Program in the fall of 2014 where she interned with a global environmental non-governmental organization in New York City. Caitlin plans on attending law school where she will pursue studies to become an environmental lawyer in the interest of environmental and social justice. Caitlin has no fun facts because, in fact, they are not fun.

 Caris Orzechowski

Charis G. Orzechowski:

Charis was a political science major with a concentration in pre-law. She was a member of the political science honors society Pi Sigma Alpha. She looks forward to applying and making the transition to law school.


Will Raphaelson!

Will Raphaelson:

Will was a senior political science major with a concentration in American government and politics. He was the 2013 Cetrino Fellowship recipient and hopes to continue on a public policy research path in graduate school. He also served on the Town of New Paltz' Bicycle and Pedestrian Policy Committee and the Student Labor Coalition. Fun Fact: Will loves to cook, and for two years prior to joining CRREO he worked as a chef at a local restaurant!

Emily Sobel

Emily Sobel:

Emily double majored in Asian studies and political science with a concentration in American government and a minor in history. She was part of the Honors Program, a member and e-board member of the Asian Student Association and Jam Asia, as well as the founder-president of the Chinese Conversation Table. Her goals are speaking Chinese, Japanese, and Korean; traveling extensively in East Asia; and working in public health policy after graduating.


Deborah Walnicki

Deborah Walnicki:

Deborah graduated from New Paltz with a major in sociology, with a concentration in human services and a minor in Spanish. She is an alumna of the AmeriCorps program City Year, the 2013 Cetrino Family Scholarship recipient, a member of the Honors Program, a yoga instructor on campus and the president of the Yoga Club. She spent a semester abroad in Guayaquil, Ecuador where she volunteered in a foundation tutoring inner-city youth. Fun fact: Deborah received the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence in 2014.


Picture of Dahui Wang

Danhui Wang:

Danhui majored in international relations with a special interest in conflict resolution and peace building. She spent a semester at Bosphrous University in Istanbul, Turkey, as an exchange student. She was the president of Amnesty International at SUNY New Paltz and was active in various clubs and organizations on campus.



Joanne Zhao:

Joanne majored in geography with an Asian studies minor. Joanne is an activist for environmental justice, social justice, the arts, minority and human rights issues and hopes to one day be an international humanitarian. She was a member and a past e-board member for Jam Asia and loves participating in community campaigns. In her free time, she likes to draw, cook, watch television,and dance.