College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

LA&S Senate


The Senate is the governing body of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  It is a venue for cooperation among departments and interdisciplinary programs. One of its primary duties is to review program proposals submitted by departments and programs in the College.  The Senate also advocates on behalf of LA&S faculty.

Program proposals are first reviewed by subcommittees where members may work with the department proposers for clarification, then the subcommittee makes their recommendation to the entire LA&S Senate. Once approved by the Senate, proposals then go to the campus-wide Curriculum Committee.


LA&S Senate Minutes



Presiding Officer:  


Jessica Smeeks (Anthropology)

vacant (Asian Studies)

vacant (Black Studies)

Lauren Mark (Communications)

vacant (Communication Disorders)

vacant (Counseling Education)

vacant (Digital Media & Journalism)

vacant (Economics)

Usha Vishnuvajjala (English)

vacant (Geography)

Heather Morrison (History)

vacant (Languages, Literatures & Cultures)

vacant (Latin American/Caribbean Studies)

Eugene Heath (Philosophy)

Stephen Pampinella (Political Science and International Relations)

Elizabeth Hirshorn (Psychology)

vacant (Sociology)

vacant (Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies)



Article I
A.     Roberts Rules of Order
  1.     The LA&S Faculty shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order unless otherwise provided  
    by these By-Laws or by the Policies of the Board of Trustees of SUNY.
B. Amendments
  1. These By-Laws must be amended by two-thirds vote at a meeting of the LA&S Faculty.
    The Faculty must be notified, with the proposed amendment(s), at least fifteen days in advance of the meeting.
Article II
Liberal Arts and Sciences Faculty
A. LA&S Faculty
  1. The LA&S Faculty shall consist of:  The Dean and Associate Deans of the College of LA&S;
    all teaching members of the Faculty with continuing appointment or with tenure-track appointment; and others who have been teaching in the College for at least one semester and who teach at least two courses each semester which earn credit toward graduation.
B. Faculty Meetings
  1. The LA&S Faculty shall be called to a meeting at least once each semester by the Presiding
    Officer of the Faculty.
  2. A quorum shall consist of ten percent of the LA&S Faculty as defined in Article II.A.1.
C. Presiding Officer
  1. The Presiding Officer of the LA&S Faculty shall be elected by the Senate in the spring
    semester preceding the fall semester in which her or his term begins.
  2. The Presiding Officer shall be elected for a two-year term.
  3. The Presiding Officer shall serve as Chair of the LA&S Senate.
  4. The Presiding Officer shall provide the agenda for the LA&S Faculty meetings, conduct the
    meetings, and arrange for the recording and distribution of official minutes.
D. LA&S Faculty Senate
  1. The Senate shall be composed of repesentatives chosen by their departments or
    programs. There shall be one representative from each department or interdisciplinary
    major program (including the department of the Presiding Officer, if it so wishes).
  2. A quorum of the Senate shall be fifty percent of its members.
  3. The Senate shall carry out the Faculty's ordinary business and make recommendations to
    the Faculty.
  4. The Senate shall represent and act on behalf of the LA&S Faculty between Faculty
    meetings, and report to the LA&S Faculty.
  5. The Senate shall serve as the official Faculty consultative body for the Dean.
  6. The Senate may appoint committees to facilitate its work.
  7. The Senate shall organize and conduct elections as necessary.
  8. The Senate shall review LA&S new program proposals and program changes before forwarding them to the Curriculum Committee.
  9. The Senate shall send its official minutes to the Dean's office to be posted on the LA&S
Adopted at the Meeting of the LA&S Faculty, Nov. 24, 2009