Undergraduate Catalog

Native American Studies

The interdepartmental, interfaculty minor in Native American Studies is designed to promote cultural awareness of the unique heritage and significant contributions of the first Americans.

A minimum of 21 credits is required, to be selected from Native American courses listed below; up to 6 credits may be taken in courses listed under related areas below.

Minor in Native American Studies - 21 credits

ANT305 Cultures of South America (3)
ANT312 North American Archaeology (3)
ANT314 New York State Archaeology (3)
ANT434 Archaeological Field School (9)
HIS308 Indians of New York State (3)
HIS309 Native American History (3)
HIS310 Indians of the Eastern Woodlands (3)

Related Areas

ANT315 Historical Archaeology (3)
ECO418 Economics of Development (3)
GEO351 Geography of the United States & Canada (3)
GEO393 Geography Selected Topic: Land & People of Brazil (3)
HIS303 The Empire State (3)
HIS321 Colonial America (3)
HIS393 History Selected Topic: Mexico (3)
SOC220 Social Inequality in the United States (3)
SOC315 Race & Ethnicity (3)