College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

About the College


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is committed to the tradition of liberal education and its values of broad inquiry and social responsibility. Our dedicated faculty is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service. In addition to a variety of majors and minors and a growing number of interdisciplinary programs, we offer the majority of courses in the General Education Program. Our principal mission is to help students acquire knowledge, insights and skills in the varied disciplines that constitute our academic unit and to prepare them to become productive, responsible citizens of the world. We care deeply about the life of the mind and the meaningful exchange of ideas across disciplines. We provide the foundation for a lifetime of learning, in a campus community that values a rich cultural, scientific and artistic environment and embraces diversity. We aim to empower students through the in-depth study of at least one discipline to achieve the following educational outcomes:

  • Think and analyze critically and creatively
  • Clearly express themselves orally and in writing
  • Understand local, national and global histories and cultures
  • Comprehend significant contemporary issues
  • Become ethical, empathetic and contributing citizens


Vision Statement

In accord with our Mission Statement, we embrace a multi-faceted vision. We recognize that SUNY New Paltz has developed strong liberal arts and professional programs. We will articulate for all New Paltz students and alumni the intrinsic value of the liberal arts. Our curriculum will give students a competitive advantage in their careers by fostering skills in oral and written communication, integrative understanding, and critical and creative thinking; and by providing many opportunities for practical application of the knowledge they gain.

Over the next five years, we aspire to enhance further the intellectual experiences of our students through the creation of additional opportunities: a) to participate in interdisciplinary courses and programs; b) to conduct advanced research in capstone seminars and upper-level courses under the supervision of (and sometimes in collaboration with) teacher-scholars who are experts in their fields; c) to pursue internships in professional situations; and d) to participate in internationally oriented education, such as study abroad or living-learning language-and-culture communities in our residence halls.

(Ratified 2/12/13 by the LA & S Faculty Senate)