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Demographics of the House of Representatives

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    • This series of maps poses the question: What if Congress was like us? Our government is a representative democracy. We send our elected officials to the Senate and the House of Representatives to represent our interests. The primary way our system selects for similarity is by geographic proximity: in the case of the Senate it is based on what State we live in, and for the House, each State is divvied up into congressional districts.

      To answer the question above, we took the most recent census data available and the number of seats in each state, and created a profile for the House of Representatives for each State of what characteristics our representatives would have if they were proportional to the demographics of the people of that State.


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These maps look at what the demographics of state delegations to the House of Representatives would be like if they reflected the the general population of each state. Hovering the mouse over a state will bring up a pop-up box with the that state's delegation. Clicking on a state will bring you to the page of data for that state.