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Academic Affairs

Distinguished Faculty

SUNY Policies & Procedures

  • Distinguished Faculty Ranks: Distinguished Librarian, Distinguished Professor, Distinguished Service Professor, Distinguished Teaching Professor

New Paltz Guidelines for preparing nomination dossiers for promotion to the ranks of Distinguished Service Professor and Distinguished Teaching Professor are distributed annually with the call for nominations and are also available on the campus drive.


Distinguished Faculty

Benjamin, Gerald
Distinguished Professor 2002
Political Science

Fialkow, Lawrence
Distinguished Professor 2009
Computer Science

Li, Keqin
Distinguished Professor 2009
Computer Science

Schmidt, Jan Z.
Distinguished Teaching Professor 2005

Stoneback, Harry
Distinguished Teaching Professor 2004


Emeriti Distinguished Faculty

Adams, Michael
Distinguished Professor 2003

Brown, Peter D.G.
Distinguished Service Professor 1999
Foreign Language

Cash, Arthur
Distinguished Professor 1989

Clark, David
Distinguished Professor 2003

Hauptman, Laurence
Distinguished Professor 1999

Hayes, Dorothy T.
Distinguished Service Professor
Educational Studies

Knapp, Ronald
Distinguished Professor 1998

Sorin, Gerald
Distinguished Teaching Professor 1994

Urbanski, Henry
Distinguished Service Professor 2001
Foreign Languages