This Eight Semester Plan is provided as a general guideline. It DOES NOT reduce the importance of careful discussions between a student and his or her academic advisor. Some degree requirements, such as those for upper division and liberal arts credits, may not be completely delineated in this plan. Students are responsible for reviewing their own Degree Audit Report each semester to track their own progress toward degree requirements. Please see additional disclaimers and information about these Eight Semester Plans, which are currently under development.

Adolescence Ed: English

Year 1

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Gen Ed: Composition I (COMP)3
Gen Ed: Mathematical Inquiry (MATH)3
Gen Ed: Foreign Languages (FLNG)3
Gen Ed: The Arts (ART)3
Gen Ed: World Civilizations and Cultures (WRLD)3
Gen Ed: Composition II (COMP)3
Gen Ed: Natural Sciences (NSCI)3
Gen Ed: Foreign Languages (FLNG)3
Non-west/underrep trads - ENG255 (GE-DIVR) OR approved elective3
Gen Ed: ENG210 Great Books Western (WEST)3

Year 2

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Gen Ed: Social Sciences (SSCI)3
Gen Ed (HUM) - One from LIST A3
ENG331 American Literature I4
One from LIST B (Theory and Practice of Reading and Writing)3
EDS340 Sociological & Philosophical Fdns of Educ - GE (USST)3
Gen Ed: Natural Sciences (NSCI)3
ENG231 Am Wmn Writers-20C OR ENG366 Cont Eth Lit US - GE (DIVR)3
ENG332 American Literature II4
ENG327 Dev Mod Eng OR LIN201 Intro Linguistics3
EDS372 Developing Adolescence3
SED354 Foundations of Secondary Education Seminar1

Year 3

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
One from LIST C (Print/non-print media)3-4
ENG301 English Literature I4
ENG3xx OR 4xx Elective in Literature3
EDS383 Introduction to Literacy for Diverse Learners3
SPE385 Differentiating Instruction in the Secondary School3
ENG420 Literary Criticism OR ENG423 20th-Century Criticism3
ENG302 English Literature II4
ENG406 Shakespeare I OR ENG407 Shakespeare II3
SED353 Fieldwork #11
SED453 Introduction to Curriculum and Assessment3

Year 4

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
SED356 Computers in the Classroom3
SED370 Teaching English in the Secondary School3
SED350 Fieldwork #21
ENG460 Classic Juvenile Fantasy OR ENG465 Young Adult Literature3
ENG4xx Elective in Literature3
SED404 Student Teaching Secondary, 7-96
SED405 Student Teaching Secondary 10-126
SED406 Student Teaching Seminar1
SED407 Fieldwork #31


LIST A: GE (HUM)ENG200 Analysis and Interpr of Literature (GE3: HUM), ENG230 Women In Literature (GE3: HUM), ENG307 The Novel (GE3: HUM), ENG308 Short Story (GE3: HUM), ENG319 Wmn Ger Lit&Film (see GER319) (GE3: HUM), ENG475 Narrative Medicine (GE3: HUM)

LIST B: Theory and practice of reading and writingENG200 Analysis and Interpr of Literature, ENG224 Expository Writing, ENG345 Creative Writing Workshop I, ENG385 Theories of Writing

LIST C: Print/non-print mediaENG368 The Jewish American Experience in Literature and Film, ENG372 Fiction into Film, ENG473 Twentieth-Century Word and Image, ENG476 Graphic Literature, JRN230 Journalism I

Total Credits: 120-121