Philosophy is the 'love of wisdom'. It involves a relentless probing of the most profound and difficult questions concerning human beings and their place in the universe. It is therefore the most comprehensive study. It includes logic, the science of correct reasoning as employed in every domain of inquiry; epistemology, the study of what it is to know something and how knowledge can be acquired; metaphysics, the study of the most basic categories of reality or being as a whole; ethics and political philosophy, the inquiry into good and evil, right and wrong, in their individual and social and political manifestations; and aesthetics, the science of beauty. Each of these core areas involves critical reflection about the methods and results of every domain of learning, so that philosophy is the most inherently interdisciplinary of disciplines: there is philosophy of science, of social science, of history, of language, of education, of art, of religion, and so on through every area of human interest and inquiry. Philosophy is also the most personal of subjects: it involves exploring and questioning the most basic principles by which we live, for as Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."

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