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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee
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To revise an existing course:

See the Guide to Course Revisions to determine whether the proposed revision
is major or minor.

     For major course revisions:

     For minor course revisions:

To propose a new course:

     For General Education courses: Refer to SUNY and campus guidelines and student
     learning outcomes.



A. Majors

In October 2015, New Paltz campus governance approved adoption of SUNY's forms for proposing new degree or certificate programs or revising existing degree or certificate programs.

The Curriculum Committee is preparing a new cover sheet and instructions to accompany the SUNY forms. Until a revised cover sheet is available, please continue to use the one linked below ("New or Revised Program Proposal Cover Sheet").

In the meantime, if you are proposing a new major or proposing to revise an existing major, please contact Valerie McAllister (ext. 3379 or mcallisv@newpaltz.edu) for guidance on using the new forms. When proposing revisions, refer to this annotated program-revision form for guidance about the need for SUNY review of your proposal.

B. Minors

Proposing a new minor or revising an existing minor is a local matter; such proposals are not submitted to SUNY. Please continue to use the program proposal forms (cover sheet and narrative outline) linked below. (These, too, are being updated.)