General Education III is the set of requirements in effect for freshmen and transfer students who matriculate at New Paltz Fall 2003 or later. These campus requirements encompass the State University of New York's system-wide general education requirements.

Arts & Humanities

Appreciation for artistic, literary and philosophical endeavors

  • Composition (one or two courses, depending on placement)
  • Humanities (one course)
  • Arts (one course)

Scientific Investigations

Knowledge of the natural and social sciences, as well as mathematical ideas and models

  • Mathematics (one course, depending on placement)
  • Natural Sciences (two courses)
  • Social Sciences (one course)

The United States & its Traditions

Knowledge of political, economic and social process in the US, the influence of Western tradition and the multicultural heritages that influence the US

  • United States Studies (one course)
  • Western Civilization (one course)
  • Diversity (one course)

Global Perspectives

Understanding of the wide range of world civilizations and cultures and appreciation for cultural and individual differences

  • World Civilizations & Cultures (one course)
  • Foreign Language (one or two courses, depending on placement)

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