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Undergraduate Catalog

Physics & Astronomy

Phone: 845-257-3740
Location: Wooster Science Building Room 102
Web address: www.newpaltz.edu/physics

The Department of Physics & Astronomy offers majors in both physics and astronomy, serves a variety of other majors in the sciences and education, and offers general education courses to a wide range of students.

The Physics major provides a broad base of fundamentals, yet gives you the opportunity to get specialized training.  First, you take two-semester introductory courses that survey physics, chemistry, and calculus.  Then, you follow up with courses covering classical and modern physics, computational physics, and applied mathematics.  The capstone experience is a senior project.  If you would like, you can pursue topics of interest to you through independent study.  An adviser works closely with you to plan what's best for your situation.

New in Fall 2012 is a 49-credit astronomy major leading to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Astronomy is a field that captures the popular imagination. Many of us are eager to explore the science of stars, galaxies, and the solar system and to extend our understanding of the physical nature of the universe. The study of astronomy engages this natural curiosity about the cosmos while strengthening the student's scientific and technological literacy. Students have ample opportunity to study one or more other academic areas and may choose to declare a second major or to minor in a field that supports their career goals.

Physics & Astronomy Programs: