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Policies: Incomplete Grades

Academic Policies and Procedures » Grades of Incomplete

A grade of Incomplete ("I") is awarded at the discretion of the instructor and by request of the student and only when the student has successfully completed at least three-quarters of the required work for a course. College policy states that a grade of Incomplete may only be granted when a personal emergency prevents a student from completing the work.  It should be kept in mind that having obligations to make up a grade of Incomplete while carrying a full load of new courses can be almost like carrying an extra course.  There are good and legitimate reasons for students to ask for and for faculty members to grant Incomplete grades, but the requests should be considered carefully by all involved.

The maximum time a faculty member may allow for completing the necessary work is the mid-point of the following semester.  (Details about a one-semester extension beyond the deadline are described below.)  The faculty member may require that the work be completed in a shorter time period.  Students should discuss with the instructor exactly what work remains to be completed and, if possible, have this agreement in writing.  This will protect the student in case the instructor is not on campus the following semester.  

Students should not register again for the same course.  The instructor must submit an earned make-up grade change signaling the completion of the agreed-upon work by the stated deadline in the Academic Calendar or the student's grade will automatically change to an "F" if the student is registered for that semester.

At the student's request, the instructor has the discretion to extend the deadline for completion by one additional semester.  The extension webform must be submitted to Records & Registration before the mid-point of the semester in which the work was originally due.  Failure to complete the work by the new deadline (mid-point of the following semester) will result in the student's grade automatically changing to an "F" if the student is registered for courses that semester, unless the instructor submits a grade change webform by the stated deadline in the Academic Calendar.  No further grade changes or extensions will be permitted.

In sum, work for an Incomplete must be completed by the mid-point of the following semester unless the instructor has granted an extension.  No extension shall be granted past the mid-point of the second semester.  Summer sessions are not counted for this purpose.  For example, should a student request an Incomplete for a fall semester course, work for that course should be completed by the mid-point of the following spring semester.  Should the student ask for and receive an extension for the incomplete work, NO work or grade changes would be accepted past the mid-point of the following fall semester. 

Students who do not register for two consecutive semesters after the semester or summer session in which the Incomplete was granted will have the Incomplete converted into a permanent Incomplete during the mid-point of the second semester if the course is not completed or the instructor does not change the grade by that date.  A permanent Incomplete can never be changed, but students may graduate with such a grade on their record.

Procedure for Requesting an Incomplete Grade (see also Incomplete Grades)

  1. After the student and instructor agree that an Incomplete grade will be granted, the student submits the Request Incomplete Grade. The student logs on to my.newpaltz.edu > Registration > Request Incomplete Grade
  2. The Request for Incomplete Grade will be emailed to the faculty. The faculty will have the option to approve or decline the Incomplete grade.

Note to student and faculty: The student must submit the request and the faculty must approve this request before the option of the “I” grade will be available on the grading roster.

Note to faculty: Approving the student request DOES NOT enter the “I” grade.  This grade must be entered on the grading roster.

  1. Faculty will use the Grade Change Form to enter the grade once the course work is completed by the deadline. The faculty logs on to my.newpaltz.edu > Faculty Services > Teaching Menu > Grade Change Request Form
  2. To request an extension, faculty will use the Grade Change Form to request the change to the deadline. The faculty logs on to my.newpaltz.edu > Faculty Services > Teaching Menu > Grade Change Request Form



Reflects policy changes effective 11/1/06; process updated 7/17/18.