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Policies: Dropping, Adding, or Withdrawing

Academic Policies and Procedures > Dropping, Adding, or Withdrawing from Courses

DROPPING, ADDING, or WITHDRAWING FROM COURSES are often sensible steps to take. However, because these actions can affect progress toward degree, student status, financial aid eligibility and a host of other factors, students should always consult with their advisor(s) and other relevant student-services staff before making a change to their schedule.

Dropping or adding courses until the end of the course change period is relatively easy. Specific dates are published in each semester's Academic Calendar, but the official course change period is scheduled for the first five days of classes and may be done in person at Records & Registration or online. Dropping or adding a course does not require the written approval of the student's faculty advisor, although first semester freshmen students need to consult with Academic Advising. Courses may be added, provided that space is available in the classes, as determined by registration information. Students are responsible for printing a copy of their new course schedule to confirm the changes were made.

Students may withdraw from a course for any reason up to approximately two weeks after the mid-point of the semester. (Specific deadlines are published in the Academic Calendar: see "Last day for Course Withdrawal.") Note that students may not withdraw from INT175 Education of Underrepresented College Students and that special permission is required for students to withdraw from BLK175 and from ENG160 Composition I, ENG180 Composition II or their equivalents.

Prior to withdrawing from a course, students should consult Student Accounts regarding tuition liability and financial aid considerations. Course withdrawal requests must be initiated on or before the date designated in the Academic Calendar. Requests are processed online as follows:
  • Students go to my.newpaltz.edu, select "Registration" from the Resources list, then "Request a Course Withdrawal." They select the course from which they wish to withdraw and submit the request, which is forwarded to the instructor. Students will receive an email confirming submission.
  • After a course withdrawal request has been submitted, the instructor receives an email directing him/her to the course withdrawal link. The instructor reviews the request, provides the student's last date of attendance, and forwards the request to the student's advisor(s).
  • Advisor(s) review the course withdrawal request and then forward it to Records & Registration. (For Composition, EOP and SMP courses, an early review is incorporated into this process, consistent with College policy.)
  • The course withdrawal process is completed in Records & Registration. Students receive an email confirming their withdrawal from the course, and the $20 withdrawal fee is attached to the student's account.

Students are responsible for printing a copy of their new course schedule to confirm the changes were made.

No record of course enrollment will appear on the transcript if a course is dropped during the official course change period. After that, a grade of “W” will be recorded for approved withdrawals from courses. A student who stops attending class without following the above procedures will receive a grade of “F” in the course.

Withdrawal from a course after the deadline is rarely permitted, and only for compelling, professionally certified, non-academic reasons such as unforeseen medical or financial problems. Requests for retroactive course withdrawals must be filed not later than one calendar year after the end of the semester or summer/winter session in which the course was taken. This process requires approval of the academic Dean under whose jurisdiction the course is offered.

The College reserves the right to require any student who has accumulated the number of credits required for a degree (120 credits for most programs; up to 126 credits for others) to only take courses that are needed to graduate. Withdrawals from courses at this point will not be allowed.