Strategic Planning & Assessment Council

Strategic Planning & Assessment Council
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Initial and current members of the Strategic Planning & Assessment Council (SPAC), which include some members from the former Strategic Planning Council in an effort to have some continuity in planning, are:

Current Members

Laurel M. Garrick Duhaney - Associate Provost for Strategic Planning and Assessment

Beth Clark-Gareca - Associate Professor, School of Education

Deborah Gould - Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs

Julie Majak - Assistant Vice President, Administration & Finance

Shala Mills - Assistant Vice President, Graduate & Extended Learning

Lisa Mitten - Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities Management

Matt Newcomb - Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Tom Nolen - Associate Dean, School of Science & Engineering

Michael Patterson - Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs

Michael Vargas - Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Lucy Walker - Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research


Former Members

Sue Books - Professor, School of Education

Dante Cantu - Executive Director, Center for Student Success & Academic Advising

L. David Eaton - Vice President of Enrollment Management

Linda Eaton - Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

Isidoro Janeiro - Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, co-chair

Heather Morrison - Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Pamela St. John - Associate Professor, School of Science & Engineering

Chih-Yang Tsai - Professor, School of Business

Andrea Varga - Associate Professor, School of Fine & Performing Arts


Please reach out to co-chair Lisa Mitten and Associate Provost Laurel Garrick Duhaney if you are interested in learning more about SPAC.