Records & Registration

Non Matriculated Students

Non-matriculated students requesting registration are encouraged to read the policies below BEFORE submitting the two web forms to register to avoid any delays or rejection of request.

STEP 1: Read these policies

Non-matriculated students wishing to enroll in undergraduate courses during the summer or winter sessions, may do so when registration opens.

Non-matriculated students wishing to enroll in undergraduate the academic year (fall and spring) may do so only on/after date noted in the academic calendar.

Please note that course enrollment is subject to availability and is always at the discretion of the Department.

Enrollment limitations:

Non-matriculated Undergraduate Students

Non-matriculated Graduate Students

Two courses (max 8 credits/ semester)

To register for graduate courses, the student must complete an application, click here.

Can accumulate up to a maximum of 24 credits

Non-Degree graduate students are restricted to enrolling in (6 to 9) credits if applying to a degree program and using the credits for a transfer.


Must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher

All course work completed while in a non-matriculated status is considered transfer credit. As such, should the student apply and be accepted for matriculation to a graduate program, only 6-9 graduate credits may be transferred upon approval of the advisor and Assistant Vice President of Graduate & Extended Learning.

Undergraduates must apply for admission after 24 credits to continue taking courses.

Additional information for graduate-level students, please click here.



ALL NON-MATRICULATED:  Students who take more than 5 credits, must provide proof of receiving measles, mumps and rubella immunization.

To learn more about NYS Public Health Law Immunization Requirements, please visit the Student Health Services site:

Email immunization documentation to



Please refer to the Schedule of Classes to select classes and the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines. Note the course CRN, course number and name to prepare to complete the registration form.

Students who wish to take undergraduate courses through the Department of Communication Disorders may need to obtain permission from the Department of Communication Disorders and/or they may need to apply to the Post BA Program in Communication Disorders in this link.




Students interested in taking undergraduate courses should continue with steps 3 and 4, below.


Complete and submit the PERSONAL INFORMATION FORM and include all required information to avoid delays.


Your information will be received by Records & Registration and you will be notified by email about the creation of your student account. If any information is missing or if we are unable to process your request, you will be notified by email. You will receive instructions by email about when and how to register yourself.

Since non-matriculated students are the last cohort to be registered, it is possible that there will not be available seats once the registration opens for non-matriculated students.  Please plan accordingly.

Prepare to register

Students login into to register.  Select Registration > Add/Drop classes

Many courses require electronic permission to register

After fall 2020, all non-matriculated students will be charged a $25 administrative fee for each semester of registration.